Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Much...So Little

So much to talk about- so little time...
Here are the highlights:

* The strike is over!!!
Time to welcome back 30 Rock, Gossip Girl and my hot doctor's on Grey's Anatomy!

*It's NASCAR time...I'll post a better blog after the race on Sunday....
but for the time being- the two drivers I hate the most are on probation...that's fun!
NASCAR put Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch on probation for the first six races of NASCAR's 2008 Cup Series for their on-track fracas during practice for the Budweiser Shootout.
Friday night during the second practice session, Stewart turned Busch into the wall after Busch blocked him. As the cars went down pit road, Busch rammed his Dodge into Stewart's Toyota three times. Stewart then placed his car in front of the entrance to the garages to block Busch. Busch went around him.
Both drivers were sent immediately to the NASCAR hauler where reports circled that Stewart punched Busch. The reports were never confirmed or denied by any involved party.

*Patrick turned two- lots of Bounce House fun was had!

*We're planning a big trip to Chicago/Michigan- details will follow soon!

*I hear McNally is living like 20 minutes from me!?!?!?!

*We have a busy night of severe weather ahead of us...wish us all luck!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yes We Can

So- I'm a bit too close to the political process right now..
But this is something that I found inspirational...and no...I don't just like it because Kate Walsh is in it...