Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mountain Bike Trail Adventure - DeLeon Springs

I like to think of myself as an above average biker.  I can do spin class no problem, I used to do a lot of off-road trails in high school and I found one near my house that I can knock out easy.

So when my husband suggested a birthday breakfast at DeLeon Springs State Park - I remembered reading about an off-road trail, and figured it was totally something I would love.

Well, I did love it.  But truth be told, I suck.


It's an "intermediate trail."  I figured - NO PROBLEM.  BOY, was I wrong!

You can find more information about park HERE.

The trail is in excellent shape.  I started out on Hoot Owl - which is the "starter" trail.  Within the first two minutes, I was going down steep slopes and up gigantic hills.  It was insane.  Lots of tight turns, great banking, tons of hills.  INSANE.   The trail is marked nicely so you can go the "easy" way or a hard way.

I avoided the hard trails and the "jump bowl." I also avoided the "Log Trail" after seeing a picture of bikers literally crossing areas on a log.

I obviously need to do more work on some beginner trails - because I really thought I was going to die at some point.  The nice thing, the map to the nearest hospital was posted on the entrance to the trails.  Helmets are mandatory!!!

At the end, there's a jump area, which my kids are really interested in trying.

You can't tell too much from the pictures, but I promise you, STEEP!  But great! Highly recommended - but this is not for beginners!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Favorite Today Show Moment

Well, not really my favorite moment on the SHOW, but my favorite thing because of the show.

The Today Show has always been a part of my morning routine in some shape or form.  It has made me love news, has made me go into this crazy business and is partly to blame for my celebrity affections.

There was one magical night I got to meet two Today Show anchors...and it was awesome.

Happy 60th Today Show!