Saturday, August 16, 2008

My crazy life

I'm not looking for sympathy- just a little understanding ;)

I feel like I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack!

Here's my situation.....
1. Primary Elections August 26th- over 100 local races- I'm in charge of all coverage- which is pretty intense...

2. Monday- John McCain comes to Orlando
Tuesday- Barack Obama comes to Orlando
Wednesday- President Bust comes to Orlando.
I'm in charge of all coverage

3. Tropical Storm Fay looks like it's going to nail us about Tuesday/Wednesday...
I'm not in charge of coverage- but I'm sure I'll be involved!

4. My little Brendan starts Kindergarten on Monday!!! In the middle of all this work I'm supposed to be a mom!
I'm not ready- I don't think we've prepared him as much as we could have!
I'm totally freaking!

On top of that- I'm dealing with two different campaigns and the white house- none of which are very forthcoming with information and logistics...

Through all this- I'm actually supposed to be spending a relaxing weekend camping...
I type this right now at the Fort Wilderness Campground- we have a lovely cabin for the weekend- a sort of farewell to summer "stay"cation...
Instead of relaxing, I'm obsessing over emails and logistics- praying for emails so I can just go to the pool....

Only 11 weeks until the November election- and then I can relax..
So basically the whole reason I write this is an excuse for any of my behaviour over the next few months!!!!

Anyone want to either
1- Offer help on how to relax?
2- Take bets on when my head will explode?