Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pee-pee on the Potty

It's official...after a big battle- Patrick has done it!
Finally gone pee-pee on the potty!
It's a big deal in our house!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marching On....

March is just flying by!
I hope the luck of the irish touched you in some way this past weekend!
It was odd having St. Patrick's day on a Monday!

It's been a month of changes....lots of changes at work- and some changes in my family.
We've gotten word that my grandmother is just hanging onto life in a Wisconsin hospital- that has kind-of freaked me out.
She's the one who's made us all St. Patrick's Day freaks....and has given all lots of fun stories about nudiest me- you don't want to know.

On a lighter note- March has also brought the return of prime time television.
I have to say, while I missed all my shows, I've caught up on lots of sleep- and now I fear those days are long gone.

We've also had a very active month- Brendan is now into all sorts of sports: mostly soccer and tennis.
I've become a soccer mom- minus the mini-van.

Let me tell you about our weekend birthday party fun!
We had a party at the Orlando Science Center- a place I've always wanted to take the kids but just never did.
Well- they loved it so much we're sure to go back...but I'm not sure they will want us!
They have this mini-mountain with a river that runs through it. Kids can put on smocks and play with boats- and block certain channels of the river to make the current stronger. It's pretty cool- all the children seem to enjoy it.
But of course, Patrick had to take it one step farther.
I was helping Brendan on top of the mountain blocking off one of the channels....when a friend of mine starts might want to come see this...
I look up- and there's Patrick...ass the water.
He climbed right in and looked at me like....what?????
Here's a picture of shortly after when I pulled him out.

Patrick at Science Center

Notice the darker color on the bottom of his shorts and the puddles around him- that's all from him!!
I was a bad mom and made him spend the rest of the day in his wet shoes, socks, shorts and diaper.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

CBS is calling How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) a "bubble show."
That means it has a chance of being cancelled if ratings don't improve. How do they figure? I can't even think of anything else I watch on CBS.
So- in a ploy to pop the bubble and stay on tv- the writers are bringing Britney.

Britney Spears will play Ted's love interest. Her character is described as "sweet and friendly and scattered and a little nerdy—a female Michael Cera."

Hopefully it's better than her guest role on Will & Grace.
I will give credit to the writers of HIMYM. They have done some pretty amazing stuff. Like, "Let's Go To The Mall." That's one of the best episodes of all time.
I also enjoyed the guest role by Mandy Moore as the slut with the tramp stamp.

The Britney episode airs in three weeks.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got Balls?

Here's a funny story:
I'm driving today...and I'm behind a truck and I notice something dangling....


Yes- that's right....silver balls.


What the blog?!

It's March first..
Four days left of Jen Birthday shopping! ;)

Even though February had an extra day- it flew by!

Right now I'm teaching...that's right folks...TEACHING!
I teach TV News part-time at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.
Today, it's an all-day news forum class- where the students work on their newscast. So I'm just sitting around, helping when I can...and figured I would take this opportunity to update the blog!

All is well in Cookland.
Brendan is getting ready to start Soccer...we bought new cleats, shin splints...all sorts of things that are new to me!

Patrick is Patrick. Talking a lot, eating a lot and running around a lot.
He turned 2- in perfect bouncehouse style!
Too bad we had to return it- it certainly tired all the kids out!

There hasn't been lots of Britney news to discuss lately...Looks like Daddy Spears is finally getting Brit, Brit to calm down! That's not a bad thing!

Work is work. Very busy in a strange way. But good! I can't wait until the political conventions are over! This whole horserace stuff is driving me nuts! And I'm tired of hearing good candidates attack each other!

I really need to post some good funny stories on here...I just can't think right now!