Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walt Disney World Christmas Decorations

Disney's Boardwalk Resort is one of my Disney favorites anytime of year.

But I especially love their holiday decorations.

Take a look at this beauty inside the main lobby.


This display contains:

  • 50 pounds of icing
  • 401 sugar and gumpaste flowers
  • 301 pounds of chocolate
  • 2011 gingerbread pieces

It also has 15 hidden Mickey's!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree

We have three full size Christmas trees in our home.  Each has a theme.

One is the family tree, decorated with the most important ornaments.

The next is the beach themed tree.

The last, and really my favorite, is the Mickey tree.

It's a pretty simple rule: MICKEY ONLY!

It's an amazing thing that I have enough ornaments to fill a whole Christmas tree with just Mickey ornaments.  But yes, it's true.

And there are Mickey lights, a dancing Mickey out front, Mickey garland and a Mickey Christmas tree topper.

My favorite piece, however, is Monorail World!

In full disclosure - we have a few more mini-trees in the house as well..but that's for another time :)

Do you go Christmas crazy? Any cool themed Christmas trees?? Let me know!

My favorite Christmas ornaments...

A look at some of my favorite Christmas ornaments!

Inlcuding toys, Marshall Fields and Aunt Holly and Uncle Mistletoe!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm really thankful for this Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for what I've lost.

There are two very important people on my mind as we enter this holiday season, and instead of being sad, I'm trying very hard to be thankful for the time shared.

The first is my grandmother.  Mary Anne Bresnahan died two years ago almost to the day as I write this.

I realize now that I didn't even blog about her when she died.  I think it was too emotional to even write about at the time.  Now two years later, it's still sad.

The funny thing is, she totally planned her death.  If you knew my grandmother, you know it made so much sense.

The woman loved holidays.  Growing up, we spent every holiday together as one big family; Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Birthday's were also a big family celebration as well.  It was all my grandma who made sure it happened.

By her dying when she did, she made sure the entire family spent Thanksgiving together in Chicago.  It was pretty amazing - brought back so many childhood memories and makes me so very grateful for all the time we were able to be together.

My grandma used to work at Marshall Field's on State Street in Chicago.  When I was little, I remember her taking us downtown to eat lunch in the Walnut Room near the big Christmas tree.  She would take us to see the decorated Christmas windows while we ate Frango mints.

I do blame her for my obsession with Christmas in general.  Each year of my life, I got a Christmas ornament.  When I had children, I stopped getting them and my children got them instead.  She died right before Christmas, but had already bought my boys their Christmas ornaments for that year. 

It's because of her that all of us "Bresnahan" girls have a shrine to Marshall Field's somewhere in their home.  It's because of her I have multiple Christmas trees.  It's because of her that I love Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly. It's because of her that the word "camp" makes me giggle - but that's another story for another time! ;)

I miss you gram!


Also on my mind, Scott Harris.  Now, he was the complete opposite - he could care less about the holidays.  But he would always offer to work so other people could enjoy them with their families.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't cross my mind.

I keep thinking I can pick up the phone - and then I remember, I can't.  It still doesn't seem real.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My kids love penguins

My kids have some sort of penguin obsession.

They have multiple stuffed animals, framed prints, bed sheets and more.

Now, a new website has them hooked.  Penguin Island is not far from Orlando - just south in Sarasota. 

They've come up with a great new campaign to get interest about a new exhibit - Live Penguin Cam!

Why don't more places do this?

My kids are hooked and want to go there.  In the meantime, we are watching them a lot.

Here's what we saw today.

IMG_0143-2.MOV Watch on Posterous