Thursday, May 10, 2012

Katie & Jimmy Get Married

Here are some of the photo highlights from the wedding of the year!

Chicago proved to be a great background and provided some perfect weather for the wedding.

In between the ceremony and reception we had a party trolly and drove around the city taking pictures.  It was a great idea and we had a blast! I cannot wait to see the official photographer pictures - because he was CRAZY!

One of the highlights - at least for me - were the boys.  My two boys and my two nephews were all in the wedding and wore adorable tuxedoes.  My sister bought them all Converse All Stars - and they were a hit...including trying to dance and make money from people in Millenium Park.

You know it was a good night when the bride said "it was perfect!"

And for those who haven't seen our surprise for the bride and groom.  Take a look - our family flashmob!


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