Friday, June 8, 2012

'The Closer' spinoff is coming to a television near you!

I get way too emotional when one of my television shows comes to an end.

A series finale is like a funeral to me.  There have been many times that I just won't watch the final episode because I just don't want to say goodbye.  If I don't watch it, then it never happened...right? (Like the final Oprah show!)

So imagine my glee when I found out that one of my favorite shows will be turning a spin-off when they wrap up!

I have watched TNT's The Closer since episode one and I will be there to the end.  There is nothing like Brenda Lee Johnson and Fritz make me laugh.

The end of 'The Closer' will be a short one - only six episodes. So that's pretty depressing.

The great thing about 'The Closer' is not just

Brenda & Fritz.  The ensamble cast is one of the most amazing in television - so I'm so excited to see that they will be the stars soon of their own show!

'Major Crimes' debutes on TNT on August 13, with the focus on the also hysterical Capt. Sharon Raydor.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show will center on how the detectives and prosecutors work together to convict criminals.

Plus, Kyra Sedgwick said she hasn't ruled out dropping by Crimes sometime down the road.  WIN!

There's not a lot of information on the TNT website yet...but there is this great picture - and I'm so excited to see Buzz!!


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