Friday, June 8, 2012

DVR Alert! New Summer Shows Ahead!

It used to be summer meant reruns.  Sad, boring reruns.  For a telvision junkie like me, it was the most depressing time of the year.

But tv executives finally got smart.  Well, smarter.  Now for a junkie like me, the dark days are over!

Here's a look of what's to come:

June 10:
Mob Wives Chicago - VH1, 8pm

June 11:
Bunheads - ABC Family, 9pm
Chicagolicious - Style, 9pm
*So let me get this straight - Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) has a new show and Emily Gilmore is also in it??? Plus Cameron from Ferris Bueller? HELL TO THE YES!  Sneak peak below:

June 14:
Suits - USA, 10pm

June 20:
Baby Daddy - ABC Family, 8:30pm

June 24:
The Newsroom - HBO, 10pm
**Aaron Sorkin?  A show based on a 24-hour cable news network??  Again- HELL TO THE YES!

June 27:
The Real World: St. Thomas - MTV, 10pm
(Yes I love the real world - do not judge me.)

July 1:
Weeds - Showtime, 10pm
Episodes - Showtime, 10:30p

July 9:
Bizarre Foods America - Travel, 9pm
The Closer - TNT, 9pm

July 11:
Beverly Hills Nannies - ABC Family, 9pm

July 25:
Top Chef Masters - Bravo, 10pm

July 27:
2012 London Olympics - Opening Ceremony!!!!

August 13:
Major Crimes - TNT, 10pm
**This news is SO big that I'm going to do a whole blog just abou that!**

August 19:
The Great Food Truck Race - Food Network, 10pm


There are many more - but these are the ones I will be DVR'ing.
So what are you watching this summer?

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